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Happy Family

Birth of a Family

Birth of a Family was developed in 2006.  This program develops healthy relationships for your family through explorative and introspective reasoning in a group setting. Birth of a Family causes negative family cycles to be positively impacted, decreases generational poverty, and reduces adverse childhood events. Childcare is provided; please contact our office if you need child care.

Who can participate?

Everyone. Regardless of age or status, single, divorced, men, women, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, young or old. All are welcome to participate. Baby Bucks can be earned for participating in this weekly program. Please contact our office if you would like to participate.

How the program works.

There are weekly sessions, each session lasts one to two hours. The program lasts six to eight weeks long. There will be a facilitator, mentors, family coaches to walk along side you and lead you through our prepared discussion guides.

The statistics.

Our demographic research of Iosco County using City Data and Kids Count shows a sad picture of family life.


Iosco County shows family dysfunction that increases Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that ultimately affect the physical health, mental health and relationship success in the family unit.  Data showed a significant number of children experiencing child abuse or neglect, poverty, single parent households and unpreparedness to face adult life.  In Michigan, 20% of adults and 15% of children have four or more Adverse Childhood Experiences.


Based on our demographic research and correlating data from our site survey, almost 40% of all children grow up in a home where their biological parents are not married.  Sixty-one percent families in our service area reported having no adherence to a religous organization.


Father absence is linked to virtually all Adverse Childhoosd Expereinces children face, including death by abortion, poverty, addiction, suicide, trama and even asthma.


Need more convincing? Please ask to see the information titled Root Cause.


Our site survey and local demographic research confirms the dire need for the implementation of Birth of a Family in our service areas.  Harbor Lights Pregnancy & Information Center has purchased the Birth of a Family Charter ($15,000) and wants to make it available to churches and organizations in our service area for free.


Do you want to impact the families in your serice area?  Do you want to use a program that initiates heart level changes, to engage participants in relational discipleship?  Do you want to reach the root cause of dysfunctional families?  Decrease Generational Poverty?  Decrease ACEs?  Do you want to positively impact families?  Please call Carol Reynolds at 989-305-6308.  The program provides everything you need to be successful in building health families.  It is our mission to not only "Save the Lives of the Unborn" but, to raise them in a healthy family.

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